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30 July 2014


12 of the biggest, baddest, boldest software backdoors of all time


Many antivirus products are riddled with security flaws


Zero-day flaws found in Symantec's Endpoint Protection


25 July 2014


Microsoft wants you to forget Windows 8


Target sent victims to Experian, which had its own leak


Thanks to NASA, you can now 3D print models of satellites, probes and planets


24 July 2014


50,000 sites hacked through WordPress plug-in vulnerability


Hacker claims breach of Wall Street Journal and Vice


eBay's StubHub ransacked for over $1 million, international crime ring arrested


iSpy? Researcher exposes backdoor in iPhones and iPads


23 July 2014


File-encrypting Android ransomware's extortion attempts mimic FBI


22 July 2014


Goodwill Industries probes possible payment card breach


Backup your data now: New, more powerful ransomware using Tor spotted in the wild


Researchers reveal 3 devious ways online trackers shatter
your privacy and follow your digital footsteps


21 July 2014


Forensic scientist identifies suspicious 'back doors' running on every iOS device


Subscribers to new Verizon rewards program must agree to tracking


18 July 2014


Government-grade malware in hacker hands


Russian hackers placed 'digital bomb' in Nasdaq


Home router security to be tested in upcoming hacking contest


Microsoft password research has fatal flaw


17 July 2014


Multiple Cisco home products vulnerable to exploit


WordPress plugin vulnerabilities affect 20 million downloads


Chrome's been eating your laptop's battery for years, but Google promises to fix it


Microsoft researchers: Use simple passwords for most of your accounts


Rick-rolling 'Rickmote' shows no mercy when it finds someone using Chromecast


Microsoft lays off 18,000, including half of Nokia, in largest-ever job cuts


Slowly, the 'Nokia' brand heads for the door


Microsoft's Android experiment is over


Apple-IBM deal threatens Android's enterprise push


Why Microsoft isn't spooked by the Apple-IBM alliance


Why enterprise IT pros should fear Apple and IBM


Apple-IBM deal fallout: The future of innovation is now with Microsoft.


16 July 2014


SSL Blacklist project exposes certificates used by malware


Comcast chimes in on FCC's net neutrality proposal


Google nixes real-name policy for Google+


Apple agrees to pay up to $400 million in e-books price-fixing case


Apple fashions 'brilliant' partnership with IBM for instant enterprise cred


Why the Apple-IBM deal matters


15 July 2014


CNET website and 1 million passwords compromised by Russian hacker group


Listen to the Comcast customer service call from hell


Feds declare big win over Cryptolocker ransomware


The FCC is getting swamped with last-minute comments on net neutrality


14 July 2014


The game isnít over yet for Gameover malware


US Secret Service warns of keyloggers on public hotel computers


Here's the only safe way to use public PCs


Internet giants press for net neutrality in FCC filing


Internet Association voices concerns about FCC's net neutrality proposal


Got a rash? iPad, other devices might be the cause

Is this Windows 9 Start Menu the real thing?


11 July 2014


Gmail users on iOS at risk of data interception


Microsoft gears up to open 'right to be forgotten' request form


HP, Intel, GM and Walmart demand changes to renewable energy industry


Court case offers a peek at how H-1B-fueled discrimination works


10 July 2014


Google Drive security hole leaks users' files


Microsoft warns of fake Google and Yahoo domains


What are all those other Microsoft updates?


9 July 2014


Patch alert: Update browsers' Flash ASAP to block log-on theft


Evolving Zeus malware used in targeted email attacks


Don't be a bonehead: Run antivirus on your Mac


Google blocks bogus digital certificates that could make fake websites appear legit


Microsoft's IE steps back from the brink of irrelevance


Are PCs dead? Certainly not, as demand for upgraded systems is set to explode


8 July 2014


Patch Tuesday: Microsoft fixes 29 Windows vulnerabilities


Adobe issues security fix for Flash Player


7 July 2014


Microsoft slates critical IE, Windows patches for Tuesday


Android bug lets apps make rogue phone calls


Secret code indicates NSA tracks privacy tool users


Mom banned from site over child's 'Coppertone' pose


EPIC says Facebook 'messed with people's minds,' seeks FTC sanctions


Google Co-Founder Says People Shouldn't Have to Work So Much


Why the Google Guys Want More Part-Time Workers


3 July 2014


Microsoft to update Windows, Internet Explorer next week


Java support over for Windows XP


Conficker: Still spamming after all these years


Why we're all Facebook's lab rats


2 July 2014


CosmicDuke will steal your login data and own your network


Did Facebook's emotion experiment break the law? ICO probes


Microsoft accidentally borks legit websites while hunting malware in No-IP takeover


To Xfinity WiFi we're all hotspots, but you don't have to be


1 July 2014


FTC: T-Mobile knowingly added bogus charges to bills


Apple releases security fixes for iOS, OS X, Safari and Apple TV


Facebook: Unethical, untrustworthy, and now downright harmful


Facebook's facing a losing battle to protect users' privacy


Facebook emotional manipulation test turns users into 'lab rats'


Think you're safe on the internet? Think again:
 Map reveals millions of cyber attacks happening around the world in real time


Beam Me Up Scotty!

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