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Cool Sites


10 sites with stunning visual data that will change your world view


DuckDuckGo, the search engine that doesn't track you, makes terrific overhaul official


DuckDuckGo, the search engine that doesn't track you, finally challenges Google


Relive the 1990s with these ancient, still-functioning websites


UrtheCast brings you the first, near-live HD video platform of Earth


Christmas Pages for Kids
on a tip from Darlene, Thanks!


Google emulates 1980s-era Amiga computer in Chrome


Google's augmented reality game Ingress opens to everyone


5 streaming British TV shows that travel well across the pond


Rdio launches free radio on mobile devices


Social network launched for anonymous users


‘Domino’s Live’ Cameras Invite Customers to Follow Store Action, Live and Uncut


Google Street View offers an armchair trek of Grand Canyon


Take a free online course in Windows 8 basics


Google's World Wonders Project Brings Ancient, Modern Sites Online


Life in a Day crowdsourced documentary hits YouTube | Awesome Hand-Picked Videos


Indian Railways launches real-time train tracking website


21 Fantastic Free PC Games


Build your own camera, launch it like a grenade


Go Retro with 8-Bit Avatar Creation Site


Make Your Own Flash Code With Wonderfl


JustSpotted: Website Stalks Celebrities In Real-time


Instant Lyrics Puts Lyric-finding in Your Hands


Contests & Free Stuff

Start A One Man Band!


Play Lord of the Rings Online Free September 10


You, Too Can Discover a Pulsar: 5 Ways to Share Spare CPU Cycles


William Shatner's new website


Togetherville: A social network for kids


52 Incredibly Useful Sites: The Full List


Top 5 Olympic Sites for Following the Games


Google Maps Labs: A Fun New Google Tool


EPIX Movie Service: A Complete Guide


A web magazine helping parents and kids find the very best stuff.
Their team digs up the best toys, games, gear, clothes, DVDs and more.


Practically Perfect PDF, Courtesy of Google


Web site tells you how bad you have the flu


Get "Company of Heroes" for $5


Ask Deals helps users search the Web for coupons


MSN Debuts My Health Info


Fun ways to transform your face online


Fantasy football: Tools to help


Tools to keep your kids safe online


Get help maintaining your car


Encyclopedia of Life


Could you pass a driving test?



Make Your Own Comics!


40 Fantastic Time-Wasting Web Sites


Apollo 11 is getting ready to launch!


The Codex Sinaiticus Project


Web site brings 40-year-old Apollo 11 NASA mission to life


10 humor sites sure to make you LOL


First look: What a weird 'Wonderland' Burton's made
First look: Tim Burton's 'Wonderland'


Comcast Town!


Start a poker league


Images from the Hubble Telescope


The Virtual Body


For those of you that remember the "Good Old Days" of radio


How many people share your name?


Spend hours listening to over 4,000
Television Theme Songs from yesterday and today


Stunning design


Free sites help you manage your money


Name that tune


Get a Free Web site for your event


The doctor is ... YOU! Online medical
symptom checkers examined


How old are you?


Got junk? Get cash!

Listing items on Oodle is free. And you won't have to pay closing fees.
You can also upload photos.


Even MORE Free TV and Movies!


Fun for weather geeks


Cute things falling asleep


Test Your Broadband Download and Upload speeds
against servers all over the world!


Use LetterPop to create eye-popping newsletters


Time for fun and games


Try your hand at being an Air Traffic Controller


Let Me Google That For You


Family-friendly online games


Greetings from Earth We’ll kill your crapware for free Free Video Sharing
Video Review


4 Christmas Sites for the Kids

All Things Christmas

The Kidz Page

Christmas at Kaboose


Random House to digitize thousands of books


Amazing street scenes


Create your own favicons


Happy birthday, Mickey


‘Puppy cam’ is latest Internet sensation

Millions of viewers flock to Web site to peek at brood of six puppies


Classy evites


Free Online File Storage


One fun game!


Action Unleashed
IGN and MyRide are giving away your choice of 12 new cars.
Three monthly winners will get additional prizes.


Lifetime is giving away a Nintendo Wii, Rock Band 2 and $5,000.


Free green tote bag


Yes! You can watch FREE TV on your computer!


The smart way to print Web pages


Convert text to audio files


Stamp out file incompatibility

Effortless phone backups


Track a GPS phone online


Are you feeling bugged?









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