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Make your car a hot spot


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Use your old controllers with the Wii


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Take a tip, leave a tip


Windows 7 tips, tricks and tweaks


Video: Power user Windows shortcuts


How to build your own Windows Home Server


Microsoft builds up Windows Home Server features

Windows Home Server is a powerful networking tool

How to troubleshoot Windows Home Server problems


Video: Tune up Internet Explorer 8


Video: Tips for Internet Explorer 8


Review: 3 disk-cleaning apps declutter your PC's hard drive


Video: Take digital photos like a pro


The Essentials of Networking with Your Laptop
with Windows Vista


How to Install Apps on Ubuntu


All flash drives not created equal


Get desktop files from any cell phone


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6 timesaving tips for Word 2007


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FAQ: How to protect your PC against the Downadup worm


Gmail offline: Let's walk through it


8 apps help you chat across IM services


Walk-Through: Internet Explorer 8 RC 1

F-Secure has updated its Downadup removal tool.
The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team has issued Alert TA09-020A, which describes how to disable AutoRun on Microsoft Windows systems in order to help prevent the spread of Conficker/Downadup via USB drives.

CCleaner sweeps up after Chrome


Don't fear the penguin: A newbie's guide to desktop Linux


Record more shows with DVR Xpander


FAQ: How to protect your PC against the Downadup worm


Your PC can do double-duty as a DVR


Hate Microsoft Outlook? Top 10 annoyances and how to fix them


Take all the guesswork out of positioning your antenna


Microsoft strikes deals for Live Search


HP offers cash for old tech equipment


Turn your PC into an HDTV for $24.99


Use a Flash Drive as Memory in Windows XP


Simple 12-step program to guarantee maximum performance, security, and ease of use from Your New PC


T-Mobile eliminates phone upgrade fee


10 things Linux does better than OS X


Video: Legally rip DVDs to iTunes


Upgrading to Ubuntu 8.10


How to Remove "Antivirus 2009" Spyware
Link to CCleaner program

(The Laptop Shop assumes no liability, does not endorse, or take
any responsibility in the use of this procedure
or the use of any 3rd party software related to
the removal of "Antivirus 2009")


Turn gadgets into cash


Word 2007 ruler tweak


Connect Hotmail to Outlook


Surfing the Internet on a borrowed or public computer can now
be private with Firefox To Go

Windows -

Mac -


Are you being gouged on your cable bill?


Moving your bookmarks


How To Manage Windows Vista Application Compatibility
(an older article but well worth the read on managing applications in Vista)


The Windows Vista Application Compatibility Update


More about printer ink rip-offs


Ed Bott's Favorite Windows Vista gadgets


Six places to watch TV online for free


Yahoo!'s new site

Link TV

TV Land

Discovery Channel's



Do you change printer ink when you're told?
If so, it's costing you


How do I dual boot my computer to run Windows XP and Vista?


How to Access Your Gmail Account When It's Down


Diagnosing a slow computer

Do I need old Windows updates?


Installing gadgets in Vista


How much RAM does Vista actually use?


Running Office XP on Vista









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